Our Goals..... Through a proactive and value-added approach to our clients’ needs, our firm offers timely advice and professional services.

Our Motto..... Small Firm Pricing, Big Firm Quality!

Accounting, Consulting, Financial Services

Are you looking for an accounting or consulting firm in the Vancouver area who will provide quality financial services and give your organization the personal attention you desire? Then you've found a business partner - Peter Pang & Associates.

Over 10 years in public practice, our objective is to offer individuals and businesses a quality alternative to larger accounting firms. We are determined to assemble a team of highly experienced individuals with impeccable accounting and consulting credentials, and a strong foundation in the community because I am strongly convinced that personalized service and a trusted partnership would benefit both companies profit and growth.

Our firm focuses on developing relationships locally with individual and small to mid-sized businesses. We have a team of experienced and specialized associates ready to serve your financial and managerial needs. Our staff is composed of diverse and exceptional individuals with strong educational backgrounds and excellent professional experience.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting Services
  • Estate Planning
  • CRA and Federal/Local Representation
  • Tax Services & Preparation

To learn more about the Financial and Consulting services we offer, take a look at the Our Services page. We think you'll be impressed with the many different ways we can serve and grow with your business needs.

Call us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help your daily business and enhance your future growth. We're vested in your success because it is directly related to our success.

We look forward to a successful partnership and growing with you!

Peter Pang & Associates
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